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Am I an “anti-millennial”?

When my roommate and I were ranting about the state of millennials (a very Nerdwestern conversation), she showed me an interesting piece of marketing research. “Meredith” she said, “I think you are an anti-millennial. Look at this table.”

She showed me a link to a Boston Consulting Group article entitled “The Millennial Consumer: Debunking Stereotypes”. There was a table that demonstrated six distinct segments of millennials – hip-ennial, gadget guru, millennial mom, clean and green millennial, old-school millennial, and anti-millennial. I looked at the table and zeroed in on the anti-millennial market segment.

The first descriptor “Locally minded, conservative” encompassed many of my political views and my general lifestyle. I tend to focus a lot more on my local elections because I know that my vote will count more. In my hometown I usually know a few of the local candidates and make it a point to turn out and vote for them. As for the “conservative” part, my political views are more towards the moderate side, but I have noticed that I have become more conservative by moving away from my liberal roots since attending college.

The second descriptor “Does not spend more for green products or services”, is absolute true of me. I recycle and try to “be green” when I can, but I won’t look at green labels on products. I have the perception that green cleaning products aren’t as effective as regular cleaning products. I don’t want to pay extra for name-brand products just because someone slapped an environmentally-friendly label on them.

The third descriptor, “seeks comfort, familiarity over excitement/change/interruption” is also absolutely true for me. When my camp counselor in fifth grade asked me if I wanted to switch rooms with another girl, I responded, “But I don’t like change.” I’ve eaten cheerios my whole life, used pretty much the same set of toiletries, and have refused to drop or switch classes in college.

The fourth descriptor might not reply directly to me. It states that anti-millennials are “slightly more female, more likely to be Hispanic and from the western U.S.” Well two out of three isn’t bad, if you count Texas as a western state.

If we objectively examine the market segments laid out by Boston Consulting Group, then I definitely fit the mold of an anti-millennial. But sometimes I still think of myself as a millennial. I use Facebook to connect with friends and build relationships, rely on Google Maps for directions (although my Mom tells me to just read a map), and am sometimes dubious of advertising efforts.

So am I a typical millennial or do I fit somewhere outside of my generation as an anti-millennial? Well I’m having trouble making the decision, so perhaps I am a true millennial.


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Meredith Goodman is a junior Economics major who enjoys writing, learning about business, and college football. Despite her mom's pleading, she will never eat fruit.

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