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Better Weekdays is Bringing Clarity to the Job Search

As students hunting for internships and full time jobs, we are constantly faced with the prospect of handing out a hundred copies of our resume at career fairs, and combing through many companies websites’ for hours, trying to make a potentially life changing decision with little to no information at hand.

The job search is a gruesome, time-consuming process, but we all have to go through it at some point of our college careers. Better Weekdays is a Chicago based startup that aims to solve this problem by helping students and professionals make better career decisions for maximum impact. Through an objective assessment called JobScript™, Better Weekdays captures an individual’s motivations, abilities and personality. According to its creators, taking the assessment has proven to establish clarity in best-fit roles, enhance interview performance, and enable targeted professional development for its users.

Founded in late 2011 by Chris Motley and Kunal Parbadia, Better Weekdays is currently housed in Chicago’s 1871 co-working space, and is advised by the Director of Alumni Career Services for the Kellogg School of Management, Matthew Temple and Kellogg professor Joseph Dwyer, through his company Digital Intent.

After leaving Goldman Sachs, Motley took an assessment that gave him more clarity of where he wanted to go with his life.  He attended Kellogg’s part-time MBA program while simultaneously working for 1888 Mills, developing a new production facility in sub-Saharan Africa as Executive Vice President of the division he led. This opportunity inspired him to replicate the assessment experience among his friends and others, creating what would become Better Weekdays. The initial idea was to cater to top MBA programs, but they quickly noticed that their corporate clients hired relatively few MBAs compared to undergrads.  Furthermore, one of its Fortune 500 customers advised that the data from JobScript could help to differentiate undergraduate job candidates that have little work experience.  As a result, the company expanded its target audience.

Chris and Kunal met during Startup Weekend Chicago in July 2011. When Kunal heard Chris’ pitch, it made him reflect on his career decisions and how uninformed he had been at the time. According to Parbadia, it was just a process of following the herd, allowing his mentors, friends and others to make decisions for him. “Consulting and banking might be the most lucrative roads, but there are other ways to align yourself with your passions” Parbadia said, “Chris was a trader at Goldman for 4 years, and he realized that being there wasn’t aligned with his life goals, it just wasn’t his passion even if he enjoyed the people and the challenge.” The two founders went on to release the alpha version of their product in April 2012.

On the employer side, they want to bring more objectivity to the recruiting process, allowing to screen and recruit on campus, where they have little to no presence. Meanwhile, students and alumni can be matched to companies through Better Weekdays’ online platform. The startup is currently developing pilot programs through partnerships with Career Services at several top tier universities, offering the tool for free, as it is a great compliment to other services offered for students by their own institutions.  Better Weekdays’ online platform is currently free for students and alumni at Northwestern, University of Chicago, and Notre Dame. In return, the company provides aggregate data to the schools, allowing for greater insights into the student and alumni population.

Better Weekdays is currently fundraising, and will release its latest set of features during the second week of May 2013.

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