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Et Tu, Brute? Here’s an alternative to the painful website we call Caesar.

Brutus is the guy that ultimately stabs Caesar in the back and takes down the great leader. And this website might have completed that job.


nother log-in into Caesar, another struggle. On top of bad registration times and class conflicts, registering for classes is more exasperating than ever with inefficient course searches and the inability to easily see your schedule on a calendar.

Luckily, Northwestern McCormick students Andrew Tang, Eric Sun and Yong Park created Brutus, a web app that promises smart searches, easy course plans and in-depth reviews of teachers and courses. Taking advantage of a lull in work at the end of their summer internships, they found that Northwestern provided an API, an open source code that draws from another website, that allows users access to course data, and took the opportunity to start a project that benefits all Northwestern students.

Using Brutus is an extremely streamlined and straightforward experience. A quick search for a class brings up a page that lists the instructor, class times, location, capacity, and course information, which includes attributes, requirements, and course components. When signed in, you can then add this class and view your schedule on the dashboard.

There are sections for grade, difficulty, rating, and time spent, and Tang points out that this built-in review system is what makes Brutus different from other student-made course scheduling apps. Brutus also allows for sorting classes by average professor rating and other rating criteria.

However, Tang notes, “Currently there are only a handful of reviews in the database. We would love for people to be submitting reviews for as many classes as they can, because the more reviews in the system the more useful Brutus becomes for everyone.”

brute ea2

Adding Engineering Analysis 2 to an example schedule

What is the future for Brutus?

“We’re currently planning on adding new features like being able to export your schedule to Google Calendar and being able to see what your finals schedule will look like. But most importantly, we’re looking into adding requirements for people to review their classes, kind of like CTEC’s, so that we can collect more data,” Tang said.

Brutus is already great for scheduling classes, and as more students use Brutus and submit feedback for their classes, Brutus could become a valuable resource for registration season.

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