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Northwestern Engineering Team TA-DA Designs The Ultimate Versatile Car

Image courtesy of Northwestern University, Ideas at the Intersection.

Imagine if your car could turn into anything– a passenger vehicle, a meeting place, or a place to nap. This could very soon become reality, as Northwestern Engineering team TA-DA is committed to design the ultimate versatile vehicle.

Video credits to: Lindsay Lu, Kelly Norris

Almost every household in America owns a car. However, the average car sits unused for 95% of the day, whether it’s in a garage at home, or in a parking lot. The cars take up a lot of space and cause inefficiency in transportation, especially in densely populated regions of the world. To solve this problem, a team of four Northwestern Engineering Students are working on TA-DA, an expandable electric car that promotes car sharing. The vehicle has the capability to be converted into different multi-purpose rooms — all at the push of a button.

With the proposed features, the TA-DA vehicle can carry passengers and cargo while in transit. While parked, the car can function as a capsule hotel, a meeting space, or even a cafe.

“This vehicle is so useful, because it’s so versatile”, said Matthew O’Hagan, McCormick junior and TA-DA team member. “It’s able to fill a number of different needs”.

Sponsored by large companies such as General Motors and Ford, the Northwestern TA-DA team is working with other teams in 6 different countries to advance the vehicle’s design. They are currently working to integrate it’s finalized expansion system design into the car frame developed at Hongik University in Seoul.

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