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On the Heels of an Election; NUCR Announces Fall Speaker

On Monday the 14, the Northwestern University College Republicans (NUCR) announced that Angela “Bay” Buchanan would be their fall speaker. The event is taking place at 7 pm on Thursday November 17, in Lecture Room 5 of Tech Institute, which is located on the north side of the university’s campus. Admission is open to everyone and is free, due to funding from the Associated Student Government and Young America’s Foundation.

NUCR stated in a release they were “excited to bring such a prominent figure in American politics to campus.” She has had an interesting political career, becoming the youngest person since 1775 to hold the position of Treasurer of the United States, under the Reagan administration. Other highlights of her career include serving as the senior advisor to Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012, making her debut to radio and television on a national scale.

Buchanan’s visit will address the recent election results on an economic scale. She will give a talk on “Will Trumped-Up Reaganomics Work?” so as to understand how past presidential economic policies (in particular Reagan’s) will come into play during this presidency.

More broadly, the talk will be an important method of how to bring diverse opinions to Northwestern’s campus. The club itself is geared at including views from a smaller group on campus, so the talk with Buchanan will serve as a way to get a more comprehensive view of the opinions of Republicans on campus, especially coming off what many thought was a surprising election victory by Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

(Image courtesy of: http://www.shfwire.com)

(Image courtesy of: http://www.shfwire.com)

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