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TechNori Pitch: Inspire, Empower, and Celebrate Entrepreneurship

Five minutes to pitch a business idea and three minutes of Q&A –no exceptions. This is the structure of the Technori Pitch, a monthly event held in Chicago. Entrepreneurs and their technological start-ups are given eight minutes to sell their ideas to the crowd in hopes of recruiting talent and winning over sponsors.

Harper Reed, the CTO of Obama for America, opened for the 16th Technori Pitch in the Chase Tower auditorium. As the keynote speaker, he engaged the audience with thought-provoking, yet highly entertaining lessons that kicked-off the event on January 29th.

Five start-ups presented their business models to a lively audience that actively participated by either vocalizing their responses to the entrepreneurs’ questions or by asking their own questions through Twitter for the Q&A sessions. The five businesses were as follows:

  1. Better Weekdays: presents both potential employees and employers with the opportunity to find each other “based on culture fit.”
  2. Review Trackers: offers companies a collection of online reviews to allow them to assess and improve based off the analysis provided.
  3. Golden Reviews: compiles and supplies evaluations of senior care and nursing facilities for a reliable method of choosing one.
  4. CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions: assists in the success of a business through a software that delivers solutions and strategic information.
  5. Seat Sync: facilitates the exchanging of tickets for various events through a mobile app that allows easy communication between customers.

Of the businesses pitches, Better Weekdays had one of the better presenters, Chris Motley, who exuded an air of confidence and ease as he revealed the ins and outs of the business.  During the Q&A session, which many of the presenters struggled through, Motley held onto his easy-going disposition and answered each question thoughtfully and honestly, whereas some presenters had a tendency to let their nerves overtake them and give out unconvincing replies. However, each start-up had their merits whether it had an exceptional user interface or clearly demonstrated virtues of their idea.

The next Technori Pitch in Chicago is to be held on March 26th. Looking for an enriching experience in the world of entrepreneurship? The March 2013 Technori Pitch might be good place to start.

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