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The Five Coolest Business Related Courses at Northwestern this Fall

It’s that time of the year at Northwestern. As the Spring quarter slowly comes to a close, students begin the frenzy that is registration. For those business minded students at Northwestern, or for those who would just like to dabble in the business course offerings at Northwestern, here is a guide to the coolest business course options students have this fall.


1) IEMS 342-Organizational Behavior

Professor: William White

Touted as one of the most interesting, practical and worthwhile classes at Northwestern, IEMS 342 is sure to be a good pick this fall. The class focuses on the structure and functions of organizations and how to improve them—topics certainly relevant to those who plan on working in corporate America. In fact, many students recommend taking this class before junior year recruiting, as the class is helpful for interview preparation.

2) Entrep 225-Principles of Entrepreneurship

Professor: Verinder Syal

In Entrep 225, students form teams and work to bring to market an idea of their own. Similar to NuVention in principle, this class is less technical and is only one quarter long. The class is taught by Verinder Syal—formerly president of Quaker Oat’s breakfast division. He also currently operates his own consulting firm, Syal Consult. The class can be counted towards IEMS electives, as well as a BIP elective. Much of the emphasis is placed on developing your pitch and less on actually developing the product. Nevertheless, Entrep 225 is a great way for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain some exposure to the world of entrepreneurship and start-ups. And though the class can be time consuming and challenging, it is also one of the most unique and dynamic experiences you will have as an undergraduate.
3) Bus_Inst 394- The History of Investing

Professor: Scott Bondurant

This intriguing BIP elective is taught by Scott Bondurant, a managing director in UBS’ asset management department. The curriculum includes a “basic understanding of markets and investing,” an overview of the history of investments, and an examination of various different investment theories and strategies. The class will also feature a number of guest speakers from the investing world.

4) Jour 381-0-2- Business Reporting

Professor: Desiree Hanford

Taught by a former equities reporter for Dow Jones & Co (the owner of The Wall Street Journal), this Medill class covers the approach to business stories, while also educating students on the Federal Reserve, Macroeconomic issues and important skills such as how to read a financial statement. Although Professor Hanford is said to be a tough grader, this class is rewarding, and thereby well worth the hard work.

5) Bus_Inst 394- Sports Marketing in the 21st Century

Professor: Jeff Bail

A marketing class with a focus on the application of marketing in sports, BIP 394 is a must take for anyone interested in eventually working in the sports industry. In addition to exploring the history of sports business, the class also delves into global sports phenomenons such as NASCAR and the marketing behind their success.


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