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Professor Kiesling Headlines Students for Liberty Regional Conference

“Students For Liberty is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a unified, student-driven forum of support for students and student organizations dedicated to liberty.”

Hey Wildcats,

Even though U Chicago is where fun goes to carbon DIEoxide…

You can still register for something pretty cool downtown with our very own Professor Lynne Kiesling giving the opening speech there this weekend…Unless you are taking a diagnostic LSAT on October 1st, Saturday morning as I am.

But, you really should try to go to this. Because the other seemingly six hundred billion people in the world are going to unsustainably use all the natural resources up if we don’t start accepting that we will act like the bounded rational human beings we are…

So, I encourage anyone who wants to start the Students for Liberty chapter at Northwestern; I would, but again, I love committing to expensive LSAT classes (kidding). But seriously, if you are going to take the LSAT be ready to pay a lot in time and money. Please comment below with an “it’s worth it” argument, I beg you.

  • Anyways,  here’s a blurb about the Students for Liberty:

The philosophy of liberty is in jeopardy today. The older generations have let us down, and there seem to be few short-term solutions. Our hope for a free society lies in the future. The best investment one can make to promote liberty today is in the youth, particularly in students.

The problem is significant, but the solution is clear: There is a need for an organization to counter the climate of authoritarianism on campus by directly supporting students dedicated to liberty.

Professor Kiesling lectures at Northwestern University School of Law. Credit: Searle Center

Event Details:

The 2011 Students For Liberty Regional Conferences are finally here!  After months of waiting and anticipation, the first conference will be held at the University of Chicago this Saturday, October 1.  Space is almost full, but you can still register.

If you are interested in a conference where you can meet other college students in the region who are interested in issues of individual liberty, the Students for Liberty Chicago regional conference is coming up on Saturday October 1. The conference features a full day of speakers, breakout sessions, and opportunities to meet other students as you explore the ideas underpinning a free society. Our own Professor Lynne Kiesling will deliver the opening keynote address of the conference, on complexity and public policy. You can get more information and register for the conference at



If anyone is interested in organizing a Students for Liberty chapter at Northwestern, please contact Professor Kiesling or myself at jacksonsiegal2012@u.northwestern.edu.

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